First Assignment Finally!

I like how Levine breaks down the necessities to being able to evoke thoughts from ‘bottom up’ thinkers in regard to writing. I think that for tutors and teachers alike, it is important to recognize that each individual student learns differently therefore there is no blanket statement or technique on how to properly teach everyone. That being said, I do not completely agree with the title of Levine’s work. She titles her work “The Myth of Laziness”, however I don’t know if “lazy” is the correct word. I doubt that teachers view students that do not add creativeness or object to their writings as “lazy”, but rather, that they are simply not thinking outside of the box. Regardless, I do appreciate Levine’s articulation of reasoning behind specific students that lack the ability to objectively think and I think that she raises a great point – students are often force-fed information.

I believe that writing is a vital part of a person’s life. It is important to be able to generate your own thoughts and opinions and properly articulate them by the means of words that form into cohesive sentences. I found it very interesting how Levine brought the idea of how much effort essentially goes into the act of writing. She called to mind the necessity of knowing, vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure as well as putting your OWN thoughts into this act while simultaneously committing to the physical act of writing, (typing or using a writing implement). All in all, I appreciate Levine’s writing and it definitely put the idea of people who find writing very challenging into perspective. I am going to make a conscious effort to assist students that sign up for tutoring in the best way that is fitting for each individual.

-Emily Gabriele

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One Response to First Assignment Finally!

  1. Nice job, I like that you connected to your life (that’s super important for these responses), but it is also important to include textual evidence.


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