The Difficulties in Learning Grammar

Only recently have I become interested in grammar and how sentences are arranged, which led to my interest in linguistics. However, before that, any grammar I knew was either learned in school or from reading books. I still don’t remember the specific names  and rules that grammar teachers taught us because, let’s face it, no one thinks that stuff is interesting when we learn it in grammar school. Except, it is called grammar school for a reason: we are there to learn the basics of grammar so that later in life we don’t run into problems. The real underlying issue, though, is that young students don’t have the urge to remember those strange rules about dangling prepositions and such. If the sentences makes sense, then that’s that.

The issues of not paying attention during grammar begin to show up as we encounter more difficult things to write, for example, formal essays. Students don’t understand why writing a particular sentence is not allowed. They also don’t know more basic rules of grammar because they have not payed attention to their grammar teachers. I agree that grammar still needs to be taught, but not that it needs to become more basic, but rather the way in which it is taught. Teachers need to make grammar seem more fun and more obviously important to the students in order for the lessons to have a positive effect in the future.

I don’t remember learning about grammar in grammar school. It must have been that boring that it did not leave even the faintest impression on me. It’s unfortunate that grammar is taught in such an unimpressive way. Students don’t remember and then it become a problem when they really need it later on in life. What we should do is change the way in which we teach grammar. Don’t just list off these facts and then give us some silly little sentences that are good examples. Students won’t understand and won’t remember. It will not make a good impression. The best way to teach grammar would be through a good example. These examples should pertain to real life, otherwise the examples are just something to practice with and not something that can later be translated to essay writing or any other type of writing. This kind of example is done for math and science. We’re given problems about factories and how we need to find the correct length of this bar or else everything will stop working. It might seem unimportant and not useful at the time, but at the same time we realize how learning that particular kind of math is used in the real world. We should do the same. Give the students essays that they need to rewrite with better grammar, or something similar, instead of just giving them what they need and then throwing them into the writing process.


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