Nugogi Alex Proulx 10-26

When I think of teaching writing I think foremost of teaching students to
articulate their thoughts in the most expressive and precise way possible,
but this comes from my background as a creative writer. In Creative Writing,
grammar and form matters less than in paper writing because there are places
that beg for artistic license to shine through.

In paper writing however, grammar is the thing that effectively communicates
the message of the writer. While I find some grammar things, particularly
punctuation (I love to drop comma bombs, which explode every 4th word),
frustrating and pedantic, I realize especially through tutoring here at
Plangere how important all grammar, even punctuation, is when communicating
a thought.

In this way I guess I agree with Noguchi, because he also questions the
importance of grammar. While, as I’ve stated, I do think that the proper use
of grammar is the actual vehicle for the delivery of a message, aspects such
as perfect punctuation are less important than say, dangling modifiers,
which is less important than say, proper tense and subject verb agreement.

I think that an interesting solution would to be stop treating vocabulary
and grammar as separate entities, and treat them as one unit. After all, if
a student knows what a verb is, they will know where to place it in the
sentence (as the predicate). Or, if a student learns about conjunctions and
learns the grammar associated with the conjunction at the same time (comma
placement) it may turn out that they forever will connect the two because
they are learnt simultaneously.

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