Postcolonialism and the Idea of a Writing Center

The article “Postcolonialism and the Idea of a Writing Center” by Anis Bawarshi and Stephanie Pelkowski discuss the idea of the writing center and the different activities that goes on within these centers. As an English major, everything in this article is basically what my professors explain the first day of class. Close reading and the practice of close reading, is a very important element in reading and writing. Close reading can help students connect from the novel to the outside world. The main point is to connect with the world, to see more than just the words on the page, but the world on the page. While in Expository Writing, close reading is not necessarily a requirement, this article explains that it really should be focused on more. What I have come to realize is that In Expos, the questions that are given to students actually do try and get the students to think more of the outside world in their papers. They want students to relate back to the world and to the article that they have been assigned to read. Today, while tutoring, I actually came across a student whose professor assigned them an assignment that was to come up with a solid example that could pertain to the question and articles. The student had to pick a passion that he has in his life and use that to connect with the assignment the professor assigned. This was actually one of the first professors i have come across to do this.
Either way, I still try and help students to see more than just one connection between the texts. Its better to let them choose what is best for their argument and the only way is to have as many choices as possible.

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