The Post-Colonial Writing Center

Anis Bawarshi and Stephanie Pelkowski write of the concrete structural form of writing centers and about how the post-colonial writing center should focus on expanding the writer’s way of writing. This new concept is something difficult to get the students to wrap their heads around. In my tutoring sessions, there are some students who find it difficult to move onto something new, something that is vastly different from how they are used to writing. They focus only on the question and the topic at hand instead of expanding the ideas to their own lives and experiences. However, it is important, not just in a Post-Colonial writing center setting, to move away from such rigid structure. University writing is different from any other type of writing these students have previously done and it will help them prepare for the future. It is a way to force them to think outside of the box while still including parts of themselves in it. It is difficult, though, when some teachers are adamant on one certain and specific set of writing rules. Teachers who incorporate such rules and force the students to only adhere to that particular set of rules, do not allow the student to expand and are only forcing the students to remain on one beaten path when there are many other idea that could be pursued. Therefore, in order for the idea of a Post-Colonial writing center to take shape, it is just as important that the education matches up, otherwise the students will not have a place to practice this new way of thinking and writing.



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