Assignment #5 – Postcolonialism and the Idea of a Writing Center

One of my high school English teachers once told me that there wasn’t necessarily a right or wrong way to write, but instead, a guide to help better your writing.  That was something else he said; you can always better your writing.  It would be a misdemeanor to claim that we must adhere to only a certain set of conduct as a writer.  In their article Bawarshi and Pelkowski state “many strands of postcolonialism are practice oriented… equally focused on helping people and resist hegemonic conducts” (88).  This idea of hegemony is the dominating or leading way to do something.  This would include something such as a single certain way to write.  It would put a constraint on the thought process on the minds of young writers.  Instead, what is to be done (as stated earlier) is guide students in their writing and that is done at Plangere.  Whenever you’re engaging in a session with students, it is important to make sure that they are the ones coming up with the ideas which will later be introduced and explained in their essays.

Everybody is different, therefore everyone will have their own way of expressing themselves through their writing.  This is where a guide comes in.  One might have a hard time explaining what they are trying to say so you can have an exercise of simply asking them what they mean and have them orally state it.  Then have them write it down on paper as an outline, which will eventually turn into a paragraph of its own.  This is the job of the writing center.  Helping a person understand the process of writing.  “Knowing not only what writing does, but also why and where it does it, allows these student writers to make more informed choices” (Bawarshi and Pelkowski 93).  After they have an understanding, the initial job is complete, and then it is up to us as tutors to guide them into their own way of getting their point across is a intellectual manner.  Do this job, and you are successful at being this tutor you signed up to be.


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