Paper Assignment #6

I commented this paper as if i was commenting on one of my own student’s papers. The thesis was there, but was not clear enough and the idea was lost throughout the paper. There were many times were the quotes provided good textual support, but they were not introduced properly or analyzed to the extent they should have been. The topic sentences were not connected back to the thesis and were not fully descriptive enough. The paper was also not completely in MLA format. There were also a lot of grammatical errors.

The types of comments that professors that I have witnessed were not helpful at all. To the student or to tutor. The comments are extremely generalized and all the professors have very different written styles and requirements. It would be a lot easier for both the student and the tutor, if the professor gave their own grading criteria to the student because clearly the expos 101 was not the same grading criteria they have for all expos classes. If the professor commented on what mistakes were made in the paper, that would be helpful. It would also help if the professor commented on if the student has progressed from the other papers and HOW they have progressed using specific details. Simply stating “you’ve made improvement” and giving the student the same letter grade, does not really help.

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