Response to Presentation

I really enjoyed listening to Richard Miller’s “This is How We Write” presentation. I am one of those people who doesn’t really think this sudden rush of technology is good for us. Take, for example, e-readers. E-readers are becoming more popular and with that popularity comes the worry that fewer people will buy “real” books. However, this technological advance also changes much of what we took for granted. What is a book? We can no longer apply the definition that books are bound pages with words printed on them. These books are now electronic pages on a thin pad that can hold megabytes of memory and thousands of books. This flux in technology slowly changes what we perceive and how we deal with this perception.

This is very important for education. I agree with Miller in the fact that we should incorporate these different sources into education. Banning the use of websites for research should not be done. We are able to access so much more information through the internet and our phones. We should be taught how to use these sources instead of being told that we cannot use them. By incorporating such technology and information into the papers we write and the knowledge that we gather, we can learn much more than we did in the past at a faster rate. Whenever you come across something you do not know, now we can look up the information on our phones instead of putting it in the back of our mind to “look it up later”. We all know that never happens. If we do it now then we learn the knowledge now.

I used to disagree with the sudden jump in technology, relying on old school methods. However, I am starting to adjust and I find that instead of condemning the knowledge that is literally at our fingertips, it is important that we learn to harness all of the things that are becoming useful to us. It will help us become better writers, but most importantly, better people.


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